Ancient baths in Turkey
Aphrodisias (Hadrianic Baths)






The large public bath building in Aphrodisias was built at the beginning of the 2nd century AD and dedicated to the Emperor Hadrian (117-38 AD).

The baths were built according to Roman models. apoditerium, frigidarium, caldarium and aleipterion were covered with large vaults which were plastered and decorated on the inside. The entire building was probably covered with steep roof tiles. These vaults collapsed due to the many earthquakes that struck the area over the centuries.
In front of the building there was a palaestra with rows of columns. In the north there was an elaborate fountain.

The bath was an important centre of public life, a place for bathing, relaxing and having fun. It was richly decorated with sculptures, including mythological statues in and around the fountain, architectural sculptures in the forecourt and portrait statues in the colonnades of the forecourt and in the portico in front of it.

The sculptures found in the current excavations are on display in the Aphrodisias Museum.


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