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Temple for: Athena
erected: around 530-520 BC.
Dimensions: Stylobat: 30,3 x 14,3 m
  Peristasis: 6 x 13
Floor plan
Roman province: Ionia
Location: Behramkale, Ayvacık county, Province Çanakkale

The temple of Athena in Assos is the only known archaic temple of Doric order in Asia Minor.
Built around 530-520 B.C. at the highest point of the Acropolis, it was designed and built according to the Greek temple building tradition according to fixed rules, whose important reference values could be the lower diameter of the columns or the dimensions of the foundation.
Contrary to an idea that is still widespread today, the Greek temples were painted, with rich red and blue tones appearing next to the dominant white.
From the temple one has a good view to the opposite island Lesbos.


Athena or Athene (honorary title: Pallas Athene) is a goddess of Greek mythology. She is the goddess of wisdom, strategy and struggle, of art, craftsmanship and handicraft, as well as the patron goddess and eponym of the Greek city of Athens. She belongs to the twelve Olympic deities, the Olympioi. The Roman goddess Minerva corresponds to her.

According to the oldest and most widespread myth version of the descent and birth of Athena, she was a daughter of Zeus and Metis.
Zeus had Metis, who was pregnant with two children. because Uranos and Gaia had prophesied to him that a daughter would be Zeus' equal, but a son would overthrow him. When he suffered from great headaches afterwards, Hephaistos broke his head (which he survived as father of the gods) at Zeus' command. Athena arose from this in full armour. She was therefore regarded as an embodiment of the spirit (since from the head of Zeus = head birth; see name derivation) and thus of wisdom and intelligence.

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