Ancient baths in Turkey
Olbia (today Antalya-Konyaaltı)






The bath was built at the end of the 3rd century AD and was in operation until the 14th century. After a fire in the 6th century, it was rebuilt without any major structural or functional changes.

The walls, built of quarry stones, were covered with marble slabs and the inner parts of the vaults with white plaster. According to Roman architecture, the building consists of vaulted rooms with different functionalities. These are changing rooms (apodyterium), cold baths (frigidarium), intermediate rooms with moderate temperatures (tepidarium), hot baths (caldarium) and a palästra surrounded by circular walls with a rectangular courtyard.

In the southern part of the complex there is a cold water pool. Next to this area was the apodyterium. Another room housed a fountain. These areas opened to the frigidarium, a vaulted rectangular room.

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