Ancient Theater in Turkey




Other names: ./.
Roman province: Pamphylia
Location: Korkuteli county, Province Antalya
Capacity: ca. 4.500 spectators
Dimensions: ø cavea: 65 m
ø orchestra: 25,5 m

The originally Greek theatre of Termessos was built in the early 2nd century B.C. and rebuilt under Augustus (Roman emperor from 31 B.C. to 14 A.D.). It was only in the late 2nd century AD that the stage house was added, of which a large part of the stage front is still preserved today. At a later date, a portico was erected above the uppermost tiers, but it did not survive the subsequent earthquakes.

The history of Termessos:  

According to old traditions, the town of Termessos already existed in the 7th century BC. Termessos was first mentioned by Homer. The town made a name for itself by plundering pamphillic towns in the plain. Due to its protected location and the impregnable defences, the city was able to resist all attackers in the clouds. In 500 B.C., the Persian Empire had to grant autonomy to the city because of Termessos' defensiveness. Alexander the Great besieged Termessos in vain in 334/333 BC: "I will not let my army decimate before an eagle's nest".

During the Diadochi Wars Alketas, brother of Perdikka, died there. In the time of Hellenism, the city belonged at times to the sphere of influence of the Ptolemies and the Attalids of Pergamon, but through the skilful combination of military strategy and diplomacy it was able to maintain its identity and freedom until Roman times. Termessos belonged to the province of Lycia et Pamphylia, and in late antiquity to the province of Pamphylia.

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