Ancient Theater in Turkey




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Roman province: Lycia
Location: Kaleköy, Demre county, Province Antalya
Capacity: ca. 300 spectators
Dimensions: ø cavea: 16 m
ø orchestra: 6 m

The theatre of Simena was completely carved out of the rock. It is the smallest theatre in Lycia. It is unclear whether it was actually used as a theatre or rather as a bouleuterion.

The history of Simena:  

On the remains of the ancient Lycian city Simena there is today the village Kaleköy (Turkish for "castle village"). The village can still only be reached on foot or by boat.

Some grave inscriptions and coin finds indicate that the place already existed in the 4th century BC.
In ancient times, Simena belonged to the Lycian League together with Aperlai, Apollonia and Isinda, but had never gained greater importance.
Only a few ruins from antiquity have survived. Remains of the Titus thermal baths lie in the water today.
Also the necropolis with mostly Roman sarcophagi in Lycian style are partly sunken. A single sarcophagus rises freely out of the water, around it the remains of sunken paths can be seen.

A medieval crusader castle towers above the village. It was built on ancient foundations by the Knights of St John, who ruled Rhodes until 1522. The castle walls with their swallowtail battlements are well preserved. Above the castle walls there is also the theatre.

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