Ancient Theater in Turkey




Other names: Milyas, Melli
Roman province: Pisidia
Location: Kokaaliler, Province Antalya
Capacity: unknown
Dimensions: ø cavea: unknown
ø orchestra: unknown

Nothing is known about the genesis of the Hellenistic theatre of Milyos. The city is still largely unexplored. Most of the cavea was peeled out of the rock of the Acropolis, large parts of the rows of seats were modelled out of massive rock.
The outer wall of the stage house facing the Agora is in relatively good condition.

The history of Milyos:  

Detailed information about the ancient Milyos could not be found on the web. Only the Hellenistic origin of the city seems to be documented. However, the existence of a Roman thermal baths indicates a possibly short period of Roman settlement.

The outer wall of the stage house  
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