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Temple for: Emperor Augustus
erected: 1st century A.D.
Dimensions: Stylobat: 18,70 x 12,45 m
  Peristasis: 6 x 9
Ground plan

Roman province: Caria
Location: Eskihisar, Yatağan county, Province Muğla

The dating of this temple proved to be quite difficult. Based on the preserved architectural fragments, it dates from the early imperial period. It was probably dedicated to the Roman imperial cult. Several archaeologists assume that the temple building is more directly connected with the reconstruction of the originally Greek theatre below and thus falls within the reign of Emperor Augustus.
The temple had 6 to 9 columns of ionic order.

Four ionic capitals have been preserved. The overall state of preservation can be described as poor. Stylobate and a three-stage circle remained. However, the scattered building elements and the preserved column bases on the stylobate are sufficient to reconstruct the original appearance.

Kaiser Augustus  

AAugustus (* 23. September 63 B.C. as Gaius Octavius; † 19. August 14 A.D.) was the first Roman emperor. Gaius Iulius Caesars, grand nephew and principal heir, won the power struggles that followed his assassination in 44 B.C. and was the sole ruler of the Roman Empire from 31 B.C. to 14 AD
. Under the motto of the restoration of the republic - restitutio rei publicae - he in reality pursued its permanent transformation into a monarchy in the form of a principality. Thus he put an end to the century of Roman civil wars and founded the Julian-Claudian imperial dynasty. His rule, outwardly marked by numerous expansion wars, led to a long lasting phase of consolidation and peace, which was glorified as Pax Augusta.

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