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Temple for: Dionysos
erected: 1st century A.D.
Dimensions: Stylobat: 5,83 x 11,75 m
  Peristasis: ./.
Ground plan
Roman province: Pamphylia
Location: Selimiye, Manavgat county, Province Antalya

The temple of Dionysus is located directly in front of the theatre, directly behind the former great triumphal arch, which today represents the entrance to the old town of Side. The temple was built on a high pedestal and consisted of a 2.5 meter deep pronaos (porch) and the cella, the sanctum of the temple. Four columns of red granite with Corinthian capitals with richly decorated cornices adorned the vestibule. Remnants of this were preserved, although it is not certain whether they came from a later reconstruction of the temple or whether they were taken over from the original construction of the temple.


Dionysus is a god of wine, joy, grapes, fertility, madness and ecstasy in the Greek world of gods. He was also called Bromios (noise), Bakchos or Bacchus (caller) by the Greeks and Romans because of the noise his entourage made. He is the youngest of the great Greek gods. In literature and poetry he is often called Lysios and Lyäus, the worry breaker.
Dionysus's father is Zeus. As his son Dionysos also bore the name Sabazios (saba-zios: son of Zeus). Demeter, Io, Persephone as well as Lethe and a mortal named Semele are named as mother.

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