The history of Adada  





The city is mentioned for the first time in an inscription of the 2nd century BC. Little is known about the history of the Roman Empire, but four emperor temples have been preserved for Adada. The first coins have been known since the 1st century B.C.; the minting of coins during the imperial period ranges from Trajan to Valerian. In late antiquity, Adada was a bishop's seat.

The ancient city lies in a relatively flat, wide high valley. The four emperor temples of the 2nd/3rd century (one inscribed for the emperors and Zeus Sarapis, the second inscribed for the emperors and Aphrodite, the third only the emperors, the fourth - occupied by coins - for Trajan), the Agora with a large staircase and the theatre are well preserved. There are also two late-antique basilicas with three naves.

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