Ancient temples in Turkey
Diokaisareia (Diocaesarea)





Temple for: Tyche
erected: 1st century A.D.
Dimensions: Stylobat: 24,18 x 45,29 m (unconfirmed)
  Peristasis: 6 x 12
Ground plan
Roman province: Cilicia
Location: Uzuncaburç, Silifke county, Province Mersin

The temple of Tyche is located at the end of the main road. Impressively 5 high columns with their Corinthian capitals stand on high pedestals; still connected by the overlying architrave. They are made of granite and are 5.5 m high. Some remains of the Naos wall and a vault have been preserved.

The inscription on the architrave reads:  

Oppius, son of Obrimus, and Kyria, daughter of Leonidus, and wife of Oppius, gave the Tychaeum to the city.


In Greek mythology, Tyche is the goddess of destiny, lucky (or evil) coincidence and chance. Tyche elevates and humiliates and whimsically brings about the change of history. Her attributes are cornucopia, rudder, wings and a rudder on a ball or a wheel. Occasionally she also holds Pluto, the god of wealth, in her arms. The Roman equivalent is the goddess Fortuna.

The history of Diokaisareia:

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