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Temple for: Emperor Trajan
erected: probably between 110 and 114 A.D.
Dimensions: Stylobat: 19,5 x 11 m
  Peristasis: ./.
Floor plan

Roman province: Pisidia
Location: Near the village Sağrak, Sütçüler county, Province Isparta

The ionic pseudoprostyle temple has six columns, on the front. The walls of the Naos have completely collapsed except for one wall. The monumental temple portal pointed towards Agora.


It is documented that Emperor Trajan visited some Pisidic towns in 114 AD. Therefore the temple must have been built shortly before his visit. It is assumed that the temple was built between 110 and 114 A.D. as well as the "Temple for the Cult of the Emperor", which was built diagonally opposite it.

Archaeologists seem to dispute whether this temple was built well before Trajan's visit and was originally dedicated to Aphrodite. Translated with

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