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Temple for: Emperor cult
erected: probably between 110 and 114 A.D.
Dimensions: Stylobat: 15 x 7 m
  Peristasis: ./.
Floor plan

Roman province: Pisidia
Location: Near the village Sağrak, Sütçüler county, Province Isparta

The Ionic Prostyle Temple has six columns, one on each side and four on the front. The walls of the Naos are intact up to the height of the building. Half of the rear gable is preserved and in relatively good condition. The front is dominated by a monumental portal.


If the assumption based on comparable temple buildings is correct that the construction took place between 110 and 114 AD, the temple could have been erected in honour of Emperor Trajan, although a separate temple was probably erected on the occasion of his visit in 114 AD.

The history of Adada:

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